Fixed Cost Legal Services

It is important to know exactly what you will be spending on a matter before you decide to go ahead.

Generally, we provide the following fixed cost legal services when requested; however, if your type of matter does not appear, don't worry, as we will still try to provide a fixed costs agreement if requested.


We can fix our costs for providing any type of advice concerning strata and community title. When instructing us, simply provide us with all the information needed to properly advise and we can provide you with a fixed costs agreement for that work.

Attendance at meetings and mediation 

We can fix costs for attending any meeting on behalf of an owner, an owners corporation, a community scheme, or developers. Our fixed fee includes all travel time and costs and reviewing the agenda before the meeting.

By-law drafting and registration 

Fixed Cost By-Laws, a division of Strata Specialist Lawyers, provides all inclusive fixed cost by-laws to owners, Owners Corporations, and developers. The fee includes all aspects of making a by-law from the drafting of motions to the registration of the by-law. More details can be found at

By-law reviews and audits

For a fixed cost we can review all registered by-laws for a strata or community titled scheme and prepare a report on their validity and consistency. We can also suggest new or consolidated by-laws. The fixed cost will depend upon the amount of currently registered by-laws and whether you want us to suggest new by-laws in addition to the provision of the report. For example, a strata scheme that has less than 5 by-laws (and dont worry, the model by-laws do not count towards this total) will pay $770 for the review and report, and $990 for the review, report, and preparation of a consolidated set of by-laws, inclusive of GST.

Conveyancing - from $1,100 all inclusive

Our conveyancing services for strata and community titled properties are very competative and some of the best in the market. Please note these services are provided by lawyers, not conveyancers. We have detailed and specialist knowledge of all aspects of strata and community titled conveyancing. Our fixed fees are all inclusive as follows:

  • Buying a strata or community titled property (including review of the contract before purchase) - $1,100

  • Selling a strata or community titled property - $1,320

  • Review of a contract prior to purchase - $275

Our fees are truely fixed. You wil not pay more than quoted. Our fees include all professional fees, searches, certificates, registration fees, settlement agent fees, and GST. 

Strata search and report - $330 all inclusive. 


An owner or a person authorised by an owner can conduct a search of the records of the Owners Corporation. Usually this is done by a prospective purchaser of a unit or an owner wanting to know more about the status of the Owners Corporation generally or due to a specific concern.

We will make arrangements with the Owners Corporation to conduct the inspection, and will thereafter attend the inspection. We will take copies of relevant documents and provide them to you with our report. The report is in a general format, but can also specifically address any issue you advise us of when we are instructed. 

A strata search is invaluable before purchasing any strata property and can be highly beneficial for an owner looking to keep informed of matters affecting the Owners Corporation.

Unlike other strata searchers, our service is undertaken by a lawyer and is all inclusive. That means you don't pay any extra for the fees we pay the owners corporation to inspect the records, photocopying fees, or travel costs.

Yearly retainer for Owners Corporations - from $990 all inclusive 

This is an innovative legal service where we will be retained for one year by the Owners Corporation to provide the following services:

  • Appear at the annual general meeting.

  • Conduct an audit of the current by-laws and suggest the subject matter of new or consolidated by-laws.

  • Advise on practice and procedure of executive committee meetings and meetings of the Owners Corporation.

  • Answer one question a month in relation to general matters of concern to the Owners Corporation (e.g. a question on the operation of a section of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996, or a question on whether a by-law has been breached, or a question concerning cars illegally parking on common property).

  • Discounted by-law drafting, making, amending, or repealing.

  • No cost levy recovery court proceedings (i.e. we only get paid what we recover from the owner in proceedings for the recovery of levies). 

  • Discounted fixed fee for attendance at extraordinary general meetings and executive committee meetings. 

  • 10% discount on hourly rate for all other legal services.